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More Power for the United States Congress




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| | | | Executive Update: 7/04/2016 | | | |





Welcome to our website for the Summer of 2016!




We are beginning our Recall of Governor Brown Campaign, for 2016, and are planning A New Online Event, with more interactivity and social networking, using www.facebook.com, and www.youtube.com.




Therefore, we are now hiring, organizing and recruiting Volunteers, along with outreach activities for our new Patriots and Activists, allowing us to organize and Host a Series of Constitutional Conventions, 2016-2036, at which we will present Twenty New Ideas for development into proposals for future Amendments to the United States Constitution, (2016-2036).




And, effective 9/15/2014, we Declared a Constitutional Emergency, and are requesting the following:




The immediate impeachment of Barack Obama and key members of his administration.




(Please, see our Letter to the 114th United States Congress, along with Operation American Spring, the National Tea Party, War Crimes Charges Against George W. Bush and other Members of his Presidential Administration, War Crimes Charges Against CIA, and other war crimes and crimes against humanity, for more information.)




We are also requesting the Appointment of a Special Prosecutor, to expand and follow-up on the 9/11 Investiations, including newly discovered evidence of an alleged New World Order, whose members allegedly planned, prepared, assigned agents and strategically managed the "9/11 False-Flag Attacks" on New York City and Washington D. C., that involved faked videotape and allegations that four airliners were hi-jacked and forced to crash into targets in New York City and Washington D. C.




These members of the New World Order allegedly rigged the Presidential Elections in 2000 and 2004, so that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney would come to power.




They also planned the takeover of the government of the United States, or the Great American Coup, by staging the False-Flag Attacks on 9/11 and then intentionally decieving members of the United States Congress into enacting the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, and authorizing a Global War on Terror, due to evidence planted by the CIA in Iraq.




These international criminals, known as the New World Order, then implemented their goals, including a purge of the people of the United States of America, while continuing to fight the Global War on Terror, overseas.




Therefore, the Executive Director has composed a four-part letter to Members of the 114th United States Congress, and is requesting the formation of a Constitutional Convention, or a series of thousands of grass-roots meetings about Amending the United States Constitution, as a way of solving the terrific and monumental problems facing the people of the United States, today.




We recommend utilizing our new webpage: Announcing A New Online Event, to access our new social media - - web-based features. These extra facebook webpages will allow you to vote, - - or "like", - - the ideas you support, and you can even sign-up, using your email address, to allow for even more interactivity - - enabling us to contact you at a latter date - - thus we can plan our next moves, together!




And, since this means we will be able to plan, participate and share even more ideas in the future, we believe these new web-based features are important. You can discuss the twenty new ideas for development into possible Amendments to the U. S. C., and many more ideas - - and even share files, participate electronically, and eventually vote on line - - for the ideas you like and choose to support!




These twenty newly proposed Constitutional Amendments were created especially to resolve modern problems, like the need to prevent election-rigging in the Presidential Elections of 2016, and the need to Appoint A Special Prosecutor and then expand and follow-up on the 9/11 Investigations, including the role of the members of the New World Order, in the 9/11 Attacks.




Therefore, these new ideas will provide us with the ability to hold these criminals from Washington D. C., (and elsewhere), accountable for their treasonous conspiracy, espionage, racketeering, exploitation and mass-murder - - along with their war crimes and crimes against humanity.




And, they are reputed to have amassed over $70 Trillion Dollars, from 1996 - 2016, by murder, espionage, conspiracy and racketeering, while the three Presidential Administrations in question, the Bill Clinton Administration, (1992-2000), the George W. Bush Administration, (2000-2008) and the Barack Obama Administration, (2008-2016), are now preparing to escape with their fortunes!




Of course, it was the CIA that did it! But our nation's leaders joined them in conducting their security/spy war, (1996-2016), with its genocide of the American people combined with a Global War on Terror, (1998-2016).




Therefore, it looks as if six former Directors of the CIA committed treason, mass-murder, conspiracy, espionage, and racketeering, including George W. H. Bush, John Deutch, John George Tenet, Leon Panetta, John Negroponte, and J. Porter Goss.





And, the other members of the New World Order are legally as guilty as these six former CIA Directors, by conspiracy.





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More Power for the United States Congress




Our new suggestion of twenty new ideas for development into Amendments to the United States Constitution, U. S. C., would result in the modernization and empowerment of the United States Congress.




This is because several of these newly proposed Amendments to the U. S. C. suggest a method for members of Congress to create a group of as many as seven new bureaus within the Department of Justice, along with three standing Congressional Committees, one Special Committee, and two, new Congressional Investigative Committees.




The standing, or permanent Congressional Committees would be designed to plan, manage and implement the comprehensive new Amendments, and other reform measures, while the Balanced Budget Amendment provides a method of lowering the national debt, and eventually paying it off, while limiting the military and Presidential Administrations to yearly expenses of 50% of the annual budget, or less, and modernizing the military by selling off unneeded equipment to our Allies.




Another purpose for the comprehensive standing Committee on Constitutional Rights, is to help integrate these suggestions, with recommendations from the public, (2016-2036), with current governmental plans for modernization and paying off the national debt.




The links below serve as navigational links, or an outline, for understanding and navigating through this webpage.



The Benefits of the Balanced Budget Amendment


Expanding and Empowering the D. O. J. with Seven New Bureaus


More Power through Three New Standing Comittees and Two New Investigatory Committees


Modernizing Our County Community Centers, While Modernizing and Expanding Our Voting Rights









These Amendments, and their developer, a non-profit organization associated with the Executive Director of the U. S. Independents Network and Californians for Better Government, suggest that members of the U. S. Congress, (2016-2036), could create three standing, or permanent committees, in both Houses of the United States Congress, to manage, review, design, implement, and budget these new ideas for development, and enactment into law, along with one Special Committee and two Special Investigations Committees.




And, of course, all members of Congress are encouraged to sponsor any or all of these twenty ideas, for development into Constitutional Amendments, from 2016-2036, while Californians for Better Government gathers signatures for ratification, during the process of enacting these new;ly proposed Amendments into law.




And, the Executive Director would like his readers to know that although current Congressional Committees are arranged in a similar method, and sometimes appear with similar names, the purpose and content of these newly proposed Amendments make them unique, and worthy of consideration.



The Benefits of the Balanced Budget Amendment




The Balanced Budget Amendment is designed to free the United States Congress from the burden of national debt, which has been accumulating during the past few decades, and provide for our economic prosperity in future decades.




International loans with China and other nations are to be paid off, by selling military equipment and ordinance that is over eighteen years of age, or older, - - even ships, planes, tanks and artillery.




Congress is directed by this newly proposed Amendment, to authorize the sale of carefully selected items to other sovereign nations, countries or republics, in order to provide the United Nations and its cooperating member nations with peace-keeping and security forces, to enable them to defend themselves, and protect their citizens and/or human populations, for many decades into the future.




Therefore, the Balanced Budget Amendment, along with the Special Committee to Balance the Budget and Pay-Off the National Debt, will provide members of Congress with the power to limit military spending and sell-off aging equipment and supplies to our Allies, and the United Nations.




The Balanced Budget Amendment limits annual budgetary spending, by the Department of Defense, during time of peace, along with the budget of the Executive Branch and its security forces to 50% of the annual budget.




Domestic Departments like the Department of Education, Department of Health, Department of Transportation, Department of Justice, and other domestic departments are also empowered, because they and the Judicial and Legislative Branches are to receive the other 50% of the annual U. S. budget.




Non-military foreign aid is to be debated and approved by the U. S. Congress, which is directed by this Amendment, and/or it may be striken by Congressional Reviews.




The CIA, NSA, DEA, ATF, and Homeland Security Agencies are to be budgetted with the military and Executive Branch, and limited to 50% of the budget, during every year of peace.




And, the Special Committee to Balance the Budget and Pay-Off a Large Portion of the National Debt, particularly foreign loans with China and other countries, shall be charged with the duty of notifying the Department of Defense to order a comprehensive inventory their their entire stock of military armament, munitions, equipment and ordinance. The congress and the Department of Defense are then directed to contact our most trustworthy Allies, and develop a plan to develop and implement modern, advanced weapons, and train troops from other Allied Nations, to work together to enforce treaties and United Nations projects, inn order to guarantee our safety and security, as well as theirs, far into the future.




This Special Committee is suggested to be enacted by Congress for a period of twenty years, at which time it is to submit a plan to resolve the problem of any remaining national endebtedness, to members of Congress, in 2036. At this time, the Special Committee could be disbanded, because it will have accomplished its goals, which are to Balance the Budget and require the formation of new treaties with our Allies, which would provide for them to train and equip members of their military with our aging military armament, equipment, munitions, and ordinance, in order to pay-off our national debt.




Therefore, this Special Committee will be very powerful, especially during the next four years, as it members work to negotiate new treaties that will provide for the peace and security, as well as the prosperity, of all the people of all the natins who cooperate in these treaties, in association with the United Nations.




An example of this type of suggested diplomatic negotions is set forth, below:



China needs oil, and has to import it.




Our new Allies in the mid-east have oil.




Thus, we c0uld negotiate a new set of treaties designed to resolve our national debt to China, by providing them with guarantees of cheap oil prices, far into the future.




Our most trusted Allies in the mid-east could receive our military assistance in the future, through the United Nations, along with training programs designed to allow their troops to use the latest weapons and military tactics, in order to defend their governments.




Our members of Congress and other diplomats could plan and design a very lucrative set of modern treaties in association with the United Nations and several participating member nations, and resolve the problem of a large and arruing national debt for the United States, due to previous International loans with Red China, and other nations.




Members of the Special Committee could negotiate a large portion of our national debt, while providing military assistance and financial aid to nations like Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Morrocco and several other African nations, as well as a group of Asain, Pan American and European Nations.




Each of these nations or republics could be provided with a new, long-term treaty, guaranteeing their peace, security and prosperity, and agreeing to share appriopriate science and technology, as well as modern building and implementation methods designed to modernize these Allied Nations, and members of the United Nations.




In exchange, these Allied Nations and Republics could share what they have with us, in our plans and treaties developed in association with the U. N., and its programs, for peace, security, prosperity and the development of human rights, including the right of women.




We could share our sciences with them, while developing mutual treaties of Allied support, including military assistance and financial aid.




This will probably include both the people, and the natural resources of those nations, as well as the people and national resources of our nation, to be trained and used by our military, and other governmental departments and agencies.




Therefore, future members of our Special Committee should also discuss "Balancing the Budget" by providing them with an education for their people, as well as medical services that include building national infractstructures, that include modern science and technology applications developed into a wide variety of areas.




Our government could pay-off this huge national debt, by making it a problem to resolve with national diplomacy.




And, as far as our most trusted Allies, we could upgrade our nuclear treaties, and provide continuity far into the future, as part of this new diplomatic effort.




If we provide our Allies with skilled workers and overseas contracts for building foreign infractstructures that include medical, education, and methods of implementing other types of science and technology, the people of all the nations invovled will benefit, and thank us.




And, this is something that could be designed by this Special Committee on Balancing the Budget and Paying-Off Our National Debt, over the next twenty years.




Additionally, the newly proposed standing Committee on Government Modernization and Reform, and the comprehensive standing Committee on Constitutional Rights should assist in this process of modernization and reform, as described, below, (in additional information about the timetable for Balancing the Budget).




Therefore, the timetable for paying-off the national debt is a good one.




And, this Special Committee shall develop this timetable following its enactment into law.



0-4 years:



Direct the military as it inventories and prioritizes its armament, ordinance, equipment and supplies. Direct diplomats in beginning this innovative new set of treaties with our Allies, designed to assist in paying-off our national debt. Report to Congress, annually on progress and goal accomplishment of this segment. Begin dividing the federal government into domestic and military groups, with each group to receive 50% of the current annual budget in any year. The military, security forces and Presidential Administration, are to be in one group, and the domestic departments, Judicial and Legislative Branches are to be in the other group. Report to Congress, annually on progress and goal accomplishment of this second segment, having to do with dividing modernizing and reforming our government, and its various departments, agencies and branches.



4-16 years:



Supervise the Department of Defense in fulfilling our new treaties, as they are negotiated with our Allies. Report to Congress, annually on progress and goal accomplishment of this segment. Fund the newly revised government, as Congress directs its modernization, and adjusts new levels of funding as directed in the Balanced Budget Amendment. Report to Congress, annually on progress and goal accomplishment of this segment, especially with the new standing Committees on Constitutional Rights and the Committees for Modernization and Reform, as the federal government's various departments, agencies and branches adjust to peacetime funding and long-term peace, security and prosperity, through these innovative new set of treaties, and their peacetime cultural development.




This newly proposed Amendment requires that a large portion of the national debt be paid off in this way, utilizing diplomatic negotiations with our Allies, designed to upgrade their military and security forces, along with other government services that could be developed by these new treaties.




This newly proposed Amendment establishes this goal as being four years.




This Special Committee shall report to Congress annually, and implement this new treaty system within that time.




In four years, members of a new Congress shall receive the Report of this Special Committee, and its progress in reducing our national debt.




The Special Committee is then to work for the period of time, which is four to sixteen years, to complete the goal of balancing the budget and paying off the national debt, while also modernizing and reforming the government by requiring that the Executitive Branch, including the White House and members of the Adminastration, along with our national security forces and the military, or Department of Defense, be limited to 50% of the current annual budget.




Therefore, it shall be the duty of the Special Committee and the new standing Committee on Government Reform and Modernization, to divide the government into two groups, the domestic departments along with the Judicial Branch and the Legislative Branch, and the remainder of the Executive Branch, which are responsible for foreign policy, use of military outside of the U. S. during peacetime, and the use of our national security forces, including the CIA, DEA, Homeland Security, NSA, ATF, and other federal security forces in the Department of Justice and the Department of Forestry, as well as our Border Patrol and other border security forces.




The domestic departments are to share 50% of the current annual budget, along with the Judicial and Legislative Branches.




The Executive Branch, the National Security Forces and the military are to receive the remaining 50% of the current annual budget.




And then, after twenty years, the Special Committee to Balance the Budget and Pay-off the National Debt shall retire and disband, having accomplished its goal.




Congress is directed to re-evaluate the amount of national debt, after the first four years of this new idea. And, if this program is opening new horizons for diplomatic negotiations between Allies, then its timetable allows sixteen additional years to complete paying-off the national debt, or at least a significant portion of it, so that both Congress and the citizens believe it is worth developing, in terms of additional diplomatic treaties, which could be as important as any other peace talks.




And, the Allies newly trained military and security forces should have been tested and proven, as to their abilities to keep the peace in the mid-east, during the next four years. This goal is also worth continuing, if these newly trained Allied military units are successful in keeping the peace in the mid-east.





More Power for the U. S. Congress, through Three New Standing Comittees, a Special Committee to Balance the Budget and Pay Off a Large Portion of the National Debt, and Two New Investigatory Committees to resolve past National Problems including war crimes, treason, espionage, conspiracy and mass-murder.




These three standing committees could be titled:




The Senate and House Committees on Women's Rights,



The Senate and House Committees on Constitutional Rights and Freedoms,



The Senate and House Committees on Government Reform and Modernization,




These three standing committees would be responsible for the following three things:



1.) The Development of Women's Rights as suggested at: http://www.calbettergov.net/womensrights.html.




2.) The modernization of the government, and/or government reform.




3.) Managing, developing and budgeting the seven additional bureaus created by this group of twenty new Amendments to the U. S. C.




These seven bureaus provide the power and jurisdiction to effectively manage, implement and budget all twenty of these new ideas for Amendments, and therefore, the ability for a standing Congressional Committee in both the House and Senate to control, plan, manage, and budget these new innovations, and the seven bureaus they would create in the D. O. J., including:



The Constitutional Rights Protection and Police Review Bureau, CRPPRB,



The Women's Rights and Protection Bureau, WRPB,



U.S. Environmental Conservation Management Branch, USECMB,



Federal Incarceration, Jail and Prison Review Bureau, FIJPRB.



Legal Review Bureau for Obsolete and Ineffective State and Federal Laws



Political Officials Review Bureau,



and the Bureau of Election Reform and Fraud Investigation.





Expanding and Empowering the D. O. J. with Seven New Bureaus




These seven bureaus would empower and modernize the entire federal government, bringing about much-needed reform in our ability to elect public officials, prevent election fraud, protect and serve our elected public officials, and provide an effective method for public officials to hire additional staff members.




This idea for modernization of the government includes the creation of the Bureau of Election Reform and Fraud Investigation, BERF.




BERF could be combined with other ideas, like those for modernizing and expanding our voting rights, above, and, over time, additional personsonel and equipment could be added, for very little money, that would result in even more computer systems, and more opportunities for modernizing and improving our County Community Centers.




The Truth and Justice About the CIA and 9/11 Amendment stands alone, yet is associated with the Amendment to Disband the CIA, and the creation of the D. O. J. Bureau, the Political Officials Review Bureau, along with the request to Follow-Up on the 9/11 Congressional Investion, and Appoint a Federal Prosecutor.




The bureau to be called the Legal Review Bureau for Obsolete Laws cooresponds to the newly proposed Amendment:




Freedom From Obsolete Laws




And, the bureau to be titled: Federal Incarceration: Jails and Prison Review Bureau, (FIJPRB), cooresponds to the following three newly proposed Amendments:




Freedom from Oppressive Government Actions




Freedom From Racism




Amendment Prohibiting Genocide




These new ideas for Amendments, above, would bring about increased human rights, for all citizens of the United States of America. And, they would modernize our federal government, and develop the United Nations to a higher level of democracy, and ability to resolve International problems peacefully.




All people would benefit from these new ideas! And, these newly proposed Amendments would restructure and modernize our government, bringing about true equality for all of our citizens, while providing effective solutions to all the major problems confronting us in the future, while also resolving past problems and paying off the national debt!




The U. S. government would be improved to the point that there would be closure on 9/11 and the CIA's deception of Congress and the American people. And, it could never happen again!




Therefore, these twenty newly proposed Amendments would create a tremendous opportunity for the United States, while empowering Congress, and providing a method of paying off the natinal debt.




And, the Constitutional Rights Protections Bureau provides a method for Congress to manage, implement and budget all of these new ideas.




The Constitutional Rights and Protections Bureau is to be a more comprehensive, powerful and effective bureau with Congressional contacts, designed to correspond with the comprehensive standing Congressional House and Senate Committees on Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.




This new idea for a powerful, new, comprehensive standing committee, that is designed to manage, plan, implement, develop and budget the seven bureaus we are discussing is innovative, and becomes even more dynamic when considering that the Balanced Budget Amendment will create the opportunity for paying off our foreign debt and achieving a balanced budget for the first time in history.




The cost of maintaining and implementing these 20 newly proposed Constitutional Amendment could be minimized and offset by the advantages and benefits to Congress, including the opportunity to do something about the growing national debt, and the dynamic advantage of managing and implementing this new innovation with three new standing Congressional Committees and two new Congressional Investigatory Committees, as well as the Special Committee to Balance the Budget and Pay Off the National Debt.




The cost of implementing these newly proposed Amendments would also be calulated into the domestic 50% of the budget, and require the formation of three additional standing committees, along with the requirement of the two Congressional Committees, one to Follow-up on the 9/11 Congressional Committee by Appointing a Special Prosecutor, along with a Congressional Committee charged to investigate the roles of the New World Order, the Five Infamous CIA Think-Tanks, and the CIA, particularly six former directors of the CIA, in the 9/11 Attacks, along with rumors of faked videotapes of the World Trade Center collapse due to an airliner crashing into it, along with videotapes of Osama bin Laden, claiming credit for his "terrorist attacks", all having been produced and/or paid for by the CIA.




The second additional Congressional Committee is to investigate key members of the Obanma Administration, and hold them accountable for their high crimes, including war-crimes, treason, espionage, conspiracy, racketeering and mass-murder.




The Executive Director, James D. Smith, believes both Presidential Administrations, the Barack Obama Administration and the George W. Bush Administration, are guilty of war-crimes, treason, espionage, conspriracy, racketering, and mass-murder, because of the plans - - and then actions - - of 6 former CIA Directors, 5 infamous CIA Think-Tanks and the New World Order, along with the CIA.




As a resultant consequence the CIA should be disbanded.




The United States Congress, and its members, have been lied to by the CIA and its past Directors, from 1998-2016, about its covert activities, including the "faked" terrorist attacks which, in reality, murdered about 20 whistle-blowers in the Pentagon, on 9/11/2001, and its covert activitie in the Americas, including North America, South America and Central America.




We allege that the CIA has assassinated millions of people, from 1998-2016, as part of the "covert activities".




And, they have "manipulated" or "managed" the deaths of tens of millions more.




Hundreds of millions of people have been seriously injured by these covert activities and operations.




And, as a consequence, we allege that the CIA has conducted a purge of the Pan American people, and committed genocide in the USA.




Therefore, the author of these newly proposed Amendments to the U.S.C. has provided the U. S. Congress with a viable method of "cleaning-up after the New World Order".




We can do away with the CIA and hold both the Bush and Obama Administrations accountable for their actions.




"Public servants in the highest tiers of government should be held to a higher standard of accountable."




Modernizing Our County Community Centers, While Modernizing and Expanding Our Voting Rights




One of the ideas suggested in this website is to implement a well-funded computer system into the County Department of Elections in every county or parish within the United States. These computer systems could be maintained, and utilized for a variety of purposes that would benefit the public, including the three ideas for development into Amendments having to do with the elections process.




These three ideas for future Amendments involve voting and are being developed by Californians for Better Government, at:













This new computer system could be used to implement the new ideas discussed in the new proposals for voting, as well as for citizens to use at their county government, for a variety of reasons, including highspeed Internet access for citizens, people in need of web-based education, and several other uses, including Information Technology. Therefore, federal funding for modernizing our county government centers with computers and web-based tehnology is a great idea, when considering the effects of our rapidly advancing technology.



Thank You.







Editor's Note, July 4th, 2016: Because of recent events, including George W. Bush and others in his administration being found guilty of "War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, by a War Crimes Tribunal in Kuala Lumpur in 2013, and a conviction of war crimes against CIA Officials, including Medical Doctors and Psychologists, for using torture methods such as waterboarding, by a U. S. Federal District Judge in Washington State in March of 2016, we are requesting that anyone with any information as to misconduct by government officials, especially if it would lead to a complaint or a class action lawsuit contact us, at: patriotsandacctivists@gmail.com.



We are interested in filing a Class Action Lawsuit against the CIA and other government officials, for "war crimes and crimes against humanity".




Join Our War Crimes Report, and file an e-mail complaint, or attach it to an e-mail, addressed to: patriotsandactivists@gmail.com.




We are especially interested in helping you document a complaint, and begin a class action lawsuit, with us and many other concerned citizens, who have been injured by these war criminals. If you know something about "crimes against humanity", including the racist war crimes by the last three Presidential Administrations:




The Bill Clinton Administration, (1992-2000);




The George W. Bush Administration, (2000-2008); and the




Barack Obama Administration,(2008-2016):





Please, including something about:



Prison Abuse:



If you know something about well-planned racist and classist abuse, that could have been directed by the CIA at a National Level, please contact us. We are very interested in people who have been tortured by the prison guards, and possibly others, while they were in prison, as well as reports of people being killed in prison by prison officials, as well as people who have died in prison, following medical treatment, taking medicine routinely and then being transferred for surgery, or any other medically related deaths, while in prison, please contact us.




Medical System Abuse:



If you or someone you know has been injured or killed, because of medical treatment they received from the government, please, contact us.




Covert Poisoning:



If you or someone you know has been intentionally poisoned by a government agent working in a Covert Operation, please contact us. This information is for research purposes, you do not have to have proof, or evidence.



Other Covert Operations:



Many people have been killed as a direct result of covert operations, and millions more have been injured, because the federal government considered them undesirables, because they were advocating peace, or because they bought, sold or used marijuana, or other, harder drugs, or because they were from another country or nation. The New World Order has conducted covert operations against marijuana users, peace demonstrators, and people of color, along with those people who have immigrated from Arab Republics, for the last 16 years.




or, the death of friends and family members, while in custody. Please include as much information as possible.




Together, we can bring about widespread government reform and modernization!





Help Stop Agenda 21 and the New World Order!






Special Edition, 4/20/2016:




Because of these new events, we made a plan to end the rule in the United States, of this corrupt oligarchy, which stems from the CIA, through the membership of the New World Order, and has been extending its control into the two Houses of the United States Congress for the last two decades, beginning with the Gang of Eight.





Several things happened, between 2005 and 2016, which cause us to believe that this can be accomplished.





These include:





#1. John George Tenet resigns under questioning by the United States Congress.





#2. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and other key members of the New World Order have retired, our been replaced.





#3. A group of American veterans, returning home from the wars in Iraq ande Afghanistan begin Operation American Spring, which declares a Constitutional Emergency, and calls for the resignation or impeachment of President Barack Obama and key members of his administration.





#4. An International War Crimes Tribunal in Kuala Lumpur found George W. Bush, Tony Blair and other members of these two administrations guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, in 2013.





#5. In March of 2016, A U. S. District Judge in Washington State, found members of the CIA guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including CIA Medical Doctors.





Therefore, we support Operation American Spring and their Declaration of a Constitutional Emergency.





And, we have begun the Recall of California Governor Brown - - Down with Brown!





Our plan for 2016 is to bring about a series of Constitutional Conventions, and contact your federal, elected public officials and let them know what you think about 9/11, (Follow-Up On 9/11), and all the corruption and rule by a secret society - - as oppposed to what life should be like, if we lived in a true democratic republic.





Please check out some of our ideas for new Amendments to the United States Constitution, which would help bring about a solution to our national problems:




Truth and Justice Amendment: Appoint A Special Prosecutor



Amendment to Stop Genocide in the USA



Disband the CIA by Constitutional Amendment




Please, see Stopping Genocide in the USA.








There is something we can do...




That will effectively solve our problems!






Because of Recent Events, We Recommend Following the Seven-Steps to Preventing, or Stopping Genocide in the USA, below.




1. Form a new, third party of Independents, because both the Democrats and Republicans are in on it, probably through joint membership in a Secret Society.




2. Participate in a series of Constitutional Conventions, held to approve a group of newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, along with a request that the United States Congress appoint a Special Prosecutor to get the crooks responsible for murdering the Pentagon Whistle-Blowers, along with the 40,000 people who died in the 9/11 Attacks on the New York Trade Center, including many first-responders.




3. Support our newly proposed Constitutional Amendment that would prohibit genocide, by federal officials, including those assigned to covert operations.




4. Request the the U. S. Congress Appoint a Special Prosecutor: See our Truth and Justice Amendment.




5. Disband the CIA, through Constitutional Amendment, since they, and the CIA's Directors, 1996-2014, have assisted the various crooked politicians, along witth the secret society.




6. Demand a Full Congressional Investigation, along with widespread government reform, through the passsage of some of the group of newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, that includes:



Election Reform



Expanded Voting Rights



Direct Democracy



Land Reform



Womens Rights, Safeguards and Protections



Deep-Green Environmental Reform and Benfits of Deep-Green Reform



Economic Prosperity and Sustainability



Judicial, Legal and Prison Reform



Economic and Tax Reform



Legalization of Marijuana




7. Demand the government change its policies towards its people, making U. S. Government policies more humane and kind.




Genocide in the USA will not be tolerated by its citizens.






We must also verify the truth about the Great American Coup,(2002-Present), and discover the truth about Genocide in the USA: 1997-Present.




New Ideas for Constitutional Amendments




These twenty, newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, are listed, below:



#1. Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Legalize Marijuana



#2. Freedom from Oppression by Government Activities



#3. Freedom from Racism



#4. Native American Citizenship



#5. Judicial and Prison Reform



#6. Expanded Voting Rights: Direct Democracy: Improved County Voting and Educational Facilities: Voting for Federal Judges, Ambassadors, More



#7. Election Reform



#8. Women's Rights



#9. Land Reform



#10. Truth and Justice about the CIA's Involvement in 9/11/2001: Requirement for Appointment of Special Prosecutor and Full Congressional Investigation



#11. Overpopulation and Immigration



#12. Freedom from Obsolete Laws



#13. Gun Law Limits



#14. Economic and Tax Reform, Made Possible by the United States Congress, and its Investigations



#15. Constitutional Amendment Creating United Nations Environmental Management Center.



#16. Disband the CIA by Constitutional Amendment



#17. Requirement for Equal Campaign Funding, Ballot and Election Material Recognition for all Candidates and Proposed Election Measures, by Creation of Broadcast Production Facility for Government Use



#18. Balanced Budget Amendment



#19. Empowerment and Expansion of Role of United Nations: Elected Representatives



#20. Amendment Prohibiting Genocide




A Corrupt Oligarchy in Our Government, and What You Can Do to Correct It!





Long-Term News Reports Prove Theory of Great American Coup




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