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We are beginning our Recall of Governor Brown Campaign, for 2016, and are now organizing an online Constitutional Convention, at www.facebook.com, and are discussing possible courses of action, as well as recruting Patriots and Activists, for Hosting a Series of Constitutional Conventions, 2016-2036.







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Economic Prosperity




Economic Prosperity, with Improved Natural Resource Management, is one of the advantages that could be enjoyed by almost all of the people of the planet, as the United States goes through a period of government reform, that would allow us, as a nation, to provide ourselves with truth and justice, by Constitutional Amendment.




As a resultant consequence of these newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, there will be a series of Constitutional Conventions, along with the Appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, along with George John Tenet, to determine if the CIA was wrongfully involved in election rigging for the Presidential election of the years 200 and 2004, allowing George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to come to power, after which they faked a terrorist attack to gain war powers and invoke the Homeland Security Act.




Therefore, econnomic prosperity, along with improved natural resource management are examples of the many benefits that are likely to be widely distributed both equally and fairly, if the underlying suggestion of improving the level and quality of representation within the United Nations should be considered.




In fact, the possibilities are almost endless, in terms of the benefits from peacefully and dynamically improving the United Nations, by implementing a Tri-Cameral system of representation, as we are suggesting in our website.





Improved Representation within the U.N.,



Improved Health Care, with the Creation of a Global Plan, and Implementation Scheduled for July 1, 2014,



Global Problem-Solving,



No More World Policeman,



Economic Prosperity, with Improved Natural Resource Management.




Congratulations, and thank you for reading this new section of webpages. We hope you support our idea!




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